Dreams of a Wake

by thin air

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released December 25, 2015



all rights reserved


thin air Chico, California

I wrote, performed, recorded and arranged all of these songs over the past year and a half.

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Track Name: Naked Eye Nebula
Here I am
There you are
Here we go

What it means
Well it seems
I don't know

I don't know
About you

I don't know
What you are
Going through

Something rough
Aren't we all
Falling hard

Heartless art
Sorry scarred

Said and done
Whats begun
Has to end

Now you must
Just decide
How to spend

All the time
You have left
On the Earth

Between your death
And your dream
of Rebirth

Naked Eye
In the night

Helps you hope
Is Alright

I don't know
Why we are
It just is

Never wanted
more than this

Kiss me soft
In the mist
Whisper slow

Let me go
Let me go
Let me go
Track Name: Wishing Well
If I don't make any sense
Sorry I can't explain
I know that nothings there
But I wish you'd feel the same

It's painful to talk about
It's awful for me to see
1,000 miles in between
I need you to be here with me

I'd like to rearrange
The hearts of the falling stars
I'd like to fall apart
And have you hold me in your arms

I'd dig a wishing well
If I knew you'd toss a dime
Lay on petals in the park
I need to feel your hand in mine

I need to find a way
To say what I need to say
I need to find today
I need to find escape

I finally found escape
I finally found a way
To say what I need to say
Now let me tell yah

I wish you were here today
I wish you were here to stay
I miss you all the time
Your always on my mind

It would be ecstasy
To have you lie next to me
It would be heroin
If we could do it again

But sugar and sassafras
Are always harassing me
Asking my autograph
And causing catastrophes

Cause temptation taunts my heart
Flows through my arteries
A diseased fantasy
Thats all that they are to me

I need to find a way
To say what I need to say
I need to find today
I need to find escape

I finally found escape
I finally found a way
To say what I need to say
Now let me tell yah
Track Name: Sulk Folk
You'll always be
Track Name: Chlorine Gargoyle
All the wasted time
I don't recognize
I'll just close my eyes
Believe those pretty lies

I will sing along
With every sullen song
About all the rotten love
That your dreaming of

I will fall asleep
Were the waters deep
I will drown in this
Sweet blissful abyss

I will fall into
An old picture of you
I'll stay up all night
And watch it fade to white

I will concentrate
All my love and hate
Into simple words
I hope you haven't heard
Track Name: Oscillation
A real thing
Your feeling
Your headache
Your heart break

Dreams leave me
So empty
It seems they
Wither further away
Track Name: Lonely Lonely
I don't believe in love
Do I contradict myself
I do I contradict myself
Track Name: Hold Me Closed
Believe me believe me I've tried
You know that you know that I've cried
So many times

But you got to believe me I've been
Digging this hole my whole life
I know you think it's all a lie but
But you got to believe me I

Hold me closed
Track Name: My Heart the Wilted Flower
My heart the wilted flower
My blood the empty river
My hope a flickering candle
My hands tilt the handle

My dreams the lovers cancer
My god who never answers

My faith the drunken preacher
My pride the wounded soldier
My art the wasted canvass
My love the empty promise

My dreams the lovers cancer
My god who never answers
Track Name: Atmospheric Collapse
I hope you know
Track Name: In the Last Ten Seconds
Everybody's always lonely
Did you think you were the only
One who sees their biggest fear
When your looking in the mirror
Crystal clear pools of water
In the eyes of your daughter
Someone left her in the thunder
She lost all her sense of wonder
Underneath the heavy weather
She is never getting better
She's been beaten broken down
No one's gonna hang around
Help to heal her open wounds
Nurse her softly in the moons
Blooming womb so smooth and silky
Drown her in the honey milky
Track Name: Goodbye
We planted a tree
In your memory
But it died before the spring
And that used to me so much to me
It used to be everything

I saw you in a dream
Cried in the morning
You left without a warning
And I never said